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Controlled Substances

Medications such as benzodiazepines and stimulants are tightly regulated by the DEA. These medications can be very useful when indicated, but require more frequent monitoring and must be part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Controlled substances will not be refilled early and cannot be refilled without an appointment. 

This practice utilizes the NYS Prescription Monitoring Program, a statewide database which allows providers to see the history of controlled substances prescribed to an individual. This initiative was designed to limit the abuse and diversion of certain medications, by informing providers about current and past prescriptions and helping them prescribe medication more safely and effectively. 


Legal Services

Please note that I do not provide court evaluations or court testimony and this is not a Forensic Psychiatry office. If I am ordered to testify in proceedings, it seriously undermines my therapeutic practitioner-patient relationship, is very disruptive to the office routine, and is unfair to my other patients. Please inform me immediately if you are involved in, or plan to go to court. I accept clients only with the specific agreement that that they will not involve Sarah K Covert Nurse Practitioner in Psychiatry PLLC or Sarah K Covert PMHNP-BC in any legal matters, including but not limited to child custody, workers’ compensation claims, and criminal cases. We do not provide legal opinions, do evaluation or testify for disability or child custody cases. I do not provide any documentation for emotional support animals (ESA).


Clinical records are confidential. Information about your treatment will not be released without your written permission with a few exceptions. I am required by law to report evidence of suicidal or homicidal intent, evidence of past or current child abuse, and evidence of past, or current elder abuse. Confidentiality may also be broken if the information could help save your life in a life-threatening emergency. Information may also be shared with medical providers who are concurrently providing medical treatment for you to promote coordination of care and the benefit to you of shared knowledge. 

Safety Policy

This office does not offer after hours emergent or urgent care.


If you are experiencing an emergency do NOT call this office.

Call 9-1-1 or safely present yourself to the nearest emergency room for immediate care.


The psychiatric mobile crisis phone number is 518-549-6500.

The national suicide crisis line is 1-800-273-8255 or 988

You may text Matters to 741741

CDPHP member: 24/7 behavioral health crisis line is 1-888-320-9584

For other insurance carrier please call the number on your card to see if there are after hours resources

NYS Suicide and crisis resources:


If you have experienced an emergency, once you are stabilized, you or your chosen representative may call this office to inform us of your situation and you will be followed up in a timely manner to address your care accordingly.


The carrying or use of illegal substances, alcohol, firearms, ammunition, knives, mace, or any other weapon as defined by New York and/or Federal Penal Laws is prohibited in this office.


Verbal and physical aggression at any time in the office is prohibited and will result in immediate discharge.

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