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Are You Ready To Join This Healing Journey With Me?

Integrative psychiatry doesn’t mean anti medication. We work together to find the best medication regimen for you that works at the lowest dose possible and without causing unnecessary side effects. In addition to medication, I can work with you to use  supplements to give you extra support

Young Man in Therapy
Medication Management
Therapy Session

I am a certified prenatal specialist so I can support women who are thinking of becoming pregnant, are pregnant or are in the postpartum period.

Prenatal Consult
Lifestyle Changes

During our collaboration, we address lifestyle factors like sleep, nutrition, exercise, and social support. We’ll explore substance use, including caffeine, tobacco, marijuana, alcohol, and others. While substances may temporarily boost you when you’re low on energy, integrating positive lifestyle factors builds resilience. Breaking habits is challenging, but I’ll guide you and keep you motivated. Remarkably, even small lifestyle changes make a huge difference, providing encouragement. As you feel better, maintaining the new routine becomes easier.

Online counselling

I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), supportive therapy, mindfulness and motivational interviewing when working with patients. I provide a safe healing space where I will take my time to listen and understand your story and offer you concrete tools to break through from the negative thought and behavior patterns

Care Tailored to You

Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Depression/Mood disorders
Obsessive Complusive Disoder (OCD)

Sleep Disturbances

Dissociative disorders

Prenatal/postnatal care

Services Included

Medical Management
Laboratory Services
Brief Supportive Therapy
Prenatal/Postnatal Care


Do you struggle with anxiety? Do you feel nervous or ill at ease?
Do you struggle with depression or mood swings and irritability?
Have you experienced trauma and having flashbacks and nightmares?
Do you experience panic attacks?
Do you sleep poorly and wake up tired?
Do you feel overwhelmed, having too much on your plate, and not enough time or energy to handle it?
Do you constantly feel burnout/tired and stressed, lacking the energy to enjoy the beautiful life you are working hard to create?

When you change your thoughts, emotions and patterns of behavior, you change your life. It’s never too late to become who you were meant to be! I’m here to help

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